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A Nickel for Your Thoughts…

DeeTee From DeeTee:  If I had a nickel for every nickel that a purported charity organization sent me, along with a letter that says something like, “This nickel could save hundreds of lives by providing food for a week…”

Well, I do have a nickel for each nickel, because I keep them!  Each of those nickels goes towards some other, more worthy organization that won’t waste my donation by sending it, nickel by nickel, to other potential donors, instead of spending it on those who need it!!

Using the most rudimentary logic:  If a nickel can provide so many good things for so many needy people, why are these organizations wasting hundreds of thousands of nickels in this fashion? — and how does this encourage me to believe that these organizations will even think of using my donation wisely?

Sometimes I write back on the enclosed form:  “I do not contribute to charities who use donations in such a wasteful manner.”  But obviously these comments aren’t read, because the next month I’ll get free mailing labels, more $$, pens, etc.  One organization (can’t remember which one) actually sent me a crappy little animal blanket wrapped in plastic — they don’t even know whether I have a pet — that just went straight to recycling.  What a colossal waste of materials and postage.  Why should I send this organization more money, if they have so much they can afford to waste it in this fashion?

Please consider this my open letter to all “charitable” organizations:

Dear ________,

Please use my donation wisely, towards the people/animals/causes that supposedly need my help.  That is why I’m donating.  I’m NOT in need of dream-catchers, key-chains, religious greeting cards — that’s pretty presumptive, isn’t it? — cutesy notepads (what a waste of paper!), mailing labels — I have enough to last the next ten years, please stop!!

If I need a pen/key-chain/stationery, etc., I’ll walk over to the drug store and buy it.  Please don’t send me nickels, dimes, quarters — some of you have even sent dollar bills, or checks for $5 or more, in an effort to entice me!  It actually does quite the opposite.

If I believe in your cause, and if I have the $$, I’ll donate.  If I don’t believe in your cause, I won’t — and I’ll throw away your labels and other sundries as well.  Sending me dunning notices (overdue notices for charity?  tacky…) and monthly pleas will not encourage me to send more if I don’t have it; key-chains and other “gifties” won’t make me donate, EVER, if I don’t believe.  Why not look in your humongous databases and see if I’ve ever donated before?  If, after 5 years, I haven’t contributed a cent, maybe save yourself the postage and stop mailing to me.

When I DO donate, I’m most appreciative of receiving a “thank you” note, along with an explanation of how my donation might be used.  PERIOD!!!  And if you don’t over-request, I’m much more willing to donate again.

Do I ask too much?   😕

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