Mirror Mirror in the White House…

March 6, 2008 at 4:46 pm 6 comments

DeeTeeFrom DeeTee:  I keep hearing about how I’m supposed to want Hillary Clinton in the White House because she’s a woman; and if I don’t, it’s because I’m playing into the “gender-bias” that still exists.

Not saying that sexism doesn’t still exist… but really, does this make any sense?   Do all women have the same needs?  Because a politician is a woman, does that mean she represents — or will represent — all women?  How would that even be possible?

I’m not so naive to think that just because someone looks like me means they will represent me.  Also,  just because I don’t care for Hillary doesn’t mean I don’t support women in politics; it simply means I don’t think Senator Clinton is the best candidate.

While Senator Clinton certainly is knowledgeable and competent, she comes with huge baggage… her husband, of course, Mr. Plus/Minus:  to some he’s a plus, being a past president and all; to others — whose hatred of him hasn’t subsided after all these years — he’s the devil incarnate.  I firmly believe there’s enough Clinton-haters who will stop at nothing to thwart them, and I think that’s a major hinderance to the goal of achieving major change.

Also, I can’t help it:  something about Hillary makes me queasy.  She seems quite willing to do anything to get her way.  I keep picturing Lady MacBeth saying, “Out, out, damned spot…”

I’m looking for someone who has convictions and is willing to stand by them, unpopular or not; someone willing to listen to the input of others — not simply to modify their own image, but for major decision-making; someone who embodies fairness, decency and trustworthiness.  Someone who is able to inspire the masses to be greater than our piddly selves.

I believe that person is Obama.  I look nothing like him.  I’d like him just as much if he were my gender, race, and/or religion.  He is articulate, thoughtful, and inspiring.  Most likely he has his issues as well; but I’m not voting for the next saint, I’m voting for the next leader who hopefully has the vision, the will, and the skills, to turn this country around.

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Hello world! Why do they do it?

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  • 1. Mary  |  March 18, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    If only sexism weren’t alive and well…even in the blog here… Think about this. Pretend Hillary’s a man. Pretend she has a penis and can pee standing up at a urinal. Pretend she can get into all those “old boys” clubs. Pretend her spouse is a “housewife”. All of a sudden, Hillary isn’t a “bitch”, she’s a “strong leader”.
    Don’t get me wrong though; Barack seems like a cool buy and he’s got many good ideas. And he’s a person of color, which I think is great.
    It is so so so wonderful that the Democratic party will nominate either a woman or a black as their candidate. This is unprecented!!!
    I think they would make a great team, and if they were elected into the top 2 jobs (flip a coin for who would be prez and who would be vice prez; I don’t really care), imagine the possibilities, the ground-breaking history!!! For once we would not have a “white guy” running the country (which would probably be okay but don’t we want to try something new?). But, to get back to my point. If Hillary were a guy, would you still have the same feeling that she comes with “baggage” instead of “experience”???

  • 2. DeeTee  |  March 19, 2008 at 10:48 am

    Mary, thanks for your thoughts! I hope you don’t think I’m calling Hillary — or even *thinking* of her as — a “bitch.” I simply don’t trust her. She seems to be someone who will do or say anything to get voters on her side. I don’t trust men who act like that, either. Blind ambition in its raw form makes me too queasy.

    WRT “baggage”: I don’t think her being a *woman* is her baggage; I think her *husband* is considered, by many, her “baggage.” I completely supported Bill Clinton throughout the outrageous Monica saga: he didn’t break any laws of the land, and the other part, I felt, was never our business in the first place. However, there are enough people who absolutely hate Bill Clinton that they will do anything to ensure that another Clinton never makes it to the White House — or if she does, that she never succeeds at anything she does. Not because she’s a woman, but because she’s a Clinton.

    I believe that Obama lacks that *perceived* baggage, and because of his innate ability to inspire and unite, may be the better candidate for our times. Time will tell…

    I’d support Obama, even if he were a white man (or woman), because I think he’s the best candidate — but I’m glad he is who he is!

  • 3. Chuck  |  March 21, 2008 at 11:22 am

    I have to agree that sexism is alive and well. I’d also point out that racism is alive and well – just look at the coverage this week of Obama’s connection to a church on Chicago’s southside. Why should a candidate be held accountable for the words of others – especially when his own positions are crystal clear? The news networks have tried to bully Obama into denouncing his own community. It is shameful. And it shows his character that he has handled the bullying so well.

    Obama’s baggage – despite his ability to pee standing up – appears to be race. Some of Clinton’s, on the other hand, does appear to be her shifting positioning on NAFTA and the war, her odd claims that she somehow negotiated peace in Ireland, and her husband’s pardoning of big-time political donors.

    I think Clinton is a good candidate and I think the “bitch” talk is unfair, but she clearly comes with some political baggage of her own design.

  • 4. Mary  |  March 24, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    And the reasons some people (aka Republicans) hate the Clintons is that 1) they are jealous of Bill because they aren’t/weren’t “getting any”, in the oval office or elsewhere, 2) they are jealous of Hillary because she retained her marriage despite her husband’s cheating, and 3) they are jealous of both Clintons because of their education and intelligence.

    My feeling about why people lie/cheat, etc, is that they are living for “the moment” and not thinking about the consequences. Bill Clinton did that himself when he had sex with Monica in the oval office. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you “let the little head do the thinking”.

  • 5. Kiki  |  March 27, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    The reason Hillary makes us queasy is because we know she will do anything to get her one chance at being president, including staying with a cheating husband, completely making up dranmatic stories from her supposed past experiencein war-torn countries like Bosnia, and taking out the Democratic party’s chance at recapturing the White House, if it comes to that. You don’t have to listen very long to see who’s best interest she is looking out for. She reminds me of an old college roomate I once had. She turned out to be pretty successful in the business world too, despite all the nausea she caused me. And there is the upside. Someone who will do whatever it takes to get their way, just might have some of the right qualities to be President…. but does it out-wiegh the disadvantage of rubbing (so many) people the wrong way? I know I don’t want to vote for her. And I am not the least bit bothered or threatened by the sound bites of Obama’s Pastor. I haven’t the slightest idea what it is like to live the ‘black experience’ in America & although Obama had a fairly priveleged childhood I have a feeling he does. It may seem cliche, but I love his diverse back ground and I do believe it gives him a unique position to relate to ALL kinds of people ALL over the world from whatever background and it IS why he is viewed as a Uniter. I hope I am right.

  • 6. Ruth  |  June 8, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Excuse me, all politicians shift or evolve their answers and Hillary is no better/worse than others on this measure. I think she is a smart, capable woman with a strong will who has been unfairly slammed in the press. More than that, if you go on her website, her policies make sense (to me, anyway). I am tired of hearing about the gender/race thing. How about what people think of their plan to get America on the right track?

    I think she cares about this country and her concession speech showed that. I hope she continues to be involved in some way in policy-making and that Obama is smart enough to use her wisely.


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